Calendar support is here✏️📆

See your events inside Penbook

Sometimes, we add features to Penbook that no one asked for. This isn’t one of those times though! This update was so commonly requested that it seemed like our dear Penbookers thought its absence was a bug – instead of saying, “Could you please add calendar support?”, the requests said, “How do I turn on the calendar support?”

In Penbook 3.5, you can - just update to the latest version and use any of the planner stationeries. Daily and Weekly pages show event detail. Monthly writes out your all-day events and shows you how busy you are at a glance with little dots that represent the day’s events. And the Yearly papers give you a total overview of the year.

By the way, you can choose which of your device’s calendars appear inside your notebook in Penbook’s Settings menu.


Team Penbook

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