Beautifying your penbooks

New themes for adding color and style to your notes

After almost a year of honing the layouts of Penbook’s stationeries, we’ve turned our attention to the app’s “paper”. In the latest update to Penbook 3, you can customize the design of your stationeries by choosing themes and colors for your work.

We picked 11 color combinations for each of Light Mode and Dark Mode, and you can pick your own background color, too.

The update includes three new themes that apply to all the existing stationery:

  • Avenue: Workmanlike, buttoned-down, pre-post-modern. Does not believe in separation of content and presentation because it does not see the distinction. Caps lock has been stuck ‘on’ since June 2019. Types in Dvorak; isn’t embarrassed. Grandfather was the hallway signage for a 300 sq. ft. conference room. Father dreamt of being an offramp sign, but life got in the way and ended up working as a Starbucks drive-thru menu item.

  • Correspondent: Fantasizes about being printed out, bound in thread, and laid flat. Works nicely with all color choices, but sulks if you don’t choose raw umber paper with oxblood lines and saxe ink. Will tell you that your iPad is compatible with Monteverde pens. Don’t believe its lies.

  • Saint–Germain: For those who are unafraid of beauty, and the power of their own potential. Centered, although it can show a left- or right-aligned margin when necessary. Captcha on first use requires you to identify en dashes. Dreams of Penbook someday having a Pinterest integration. First hour of each journal page automatically populated with recurring appointment “Decorate my journal”.

Like all of Penbook’s stationeries, these upgraded design options are free for everyone. Here’s how to use the new options:

  1. Swipe up on a page to reveal the stationery editor (or tap its icon in the top-right menu)

  2. Then, tap the paintbrush button that’s hovering over your page

  3. Tap the theme name to change it

  4. Tap a color choice to use it as the page’s background. Or, tap the color picker to choose your own color.

That’s all for now! Happy customizing.


Team Penbook

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