Hunting for Penbook

Penbook is live on Product Hunt.

What a week! Penbook is now in the hands of tens of thousands of real iPad users. We’ve learned a ton from the response, but our biggest takeaway is that there’s enormous pent-up demand for a clean, paper-like writing experience on the iPad.

Some early wins: Apple included us in the App Store’s ‘Better with Apple Pencil’ category (on launch day no less!), and we had a really nice conversation with the Apple fans on the r/Apple subreddit for Self-Promotion Saturday.

Speaking of self promotion, we’ve just posted Penbook on Product Hunt. If that’s your thing, please check out our listing there with the ‘See on Product Hunt’ button:

From the hundreds of pieces of feedback we’ve had so far, some were predictable (“we want even more stationery!”), and some were…surprising (“we want to write custom JavaScript to generate our own papers!”), but all of it was instructive. Our work now is collating it and folding it into future versions, which we will deliver to you, our dear beta testers, as soon as we can.