It’s spelled ‘Tablature’ 🤔

Let's make music together.

Penbook’s Fall Creators Update continues! We’ve just released two new sets of paper for the musicians among us.

Are you a guitar player? Can you make six strings sing soulfully to a smitten audience? Have you impressed others with your musicality, even though you can’t actually read music? Do you crash strangers’ campfire circles to aggressively serenade them? Do you ruin parties by spotting the host’s dusty beginner-model acoustic in the corner of their living room and playing ‘Wonderwall’ on it loudly enough to be heard over the Spotify playlist? Do you make other musicians envious and snarky? You go, you golden artist. We’ve got just the stationery for you.

For the rest of us who use 5-line staves, we’ve added a very flexible staff paper option. You can configure the density of the staves and how many linked parts there are (zero to four). You can even make the staves pink. We won’t tell your music theory teacher.

Still to come: a specialized paper type for the one, true instrument type (synthesizers and drum machines).

Hey there, thorough reader. While you’re here: the Swift Community Awards is still accepting nominations for the Most Inspiring Indie App. If you think Penbook deserves another laurel to rest on, we’d greatly appreciate your nomination. Just press the button and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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That’s all for now!

Team Penbook