It's the year of Penb2020k

Starting off on the right foot.

We’re planning big things for Penbook in 2020. But like all ambitious projects, Penb2020k needs a tidy starting point. For us, that means starting the year by fixing roughly a dozen bugs, own goals, and footguns.

Penbook 1.31 is now live in the App Store. It’s packed with quality-of-life updates, most of which were driven by user requests. Here are the highlights:

1️⃣📕Our humble Dots stationery got a rework. Now you can choose between square and offset (isometric) patterns – thanks for the suggestion, Brian! You can also configure the size of the dots.

2️⃣🌗By popular demand, we’ve added a setting for overriding your system theme in Penbook. That means if your iPad is in dark mode, you can still use white paper in the app.

3️⃣✏️We’re also optimizing for Apple Pencil users, while still giving Pencil-less users a good experience. We now request Bluetooth permissions when you run the app. If you accept, we’ll automatically detect your Pencil, and disable finger inking (and enable page turn gestures) accordingly. You can control this behavior in the app’s settings screen.

4️⃣🔎Finally: we added the ability to zoom out past 100%. Very helpful for drawing long lines quickly, or seeing what your work looks like at smaller sizes.

Expect more from us soon ♥️

Team Penbook