Papers of note

300 of them.

We’re proud of how many types of paper we include with Penbook. Every user gets every stationery, and every paper we create has a chance to be meaningful to someone. There are a lot of you now! You’re all BCC’d here, or whatever, so you’ll have to take my word for it, but you have lots of company.

Sometimes, I would read reviews that said, “they said there were hundreds of stationeries, but I only see 24!” Ah, I would think, smirking. They are confusing the categories of stationery with the stationery variations. In philosophy, as you may know, this is called a ‘category error’.

I wondered, though: how could users miss our hundreds (thousands, even!) of stationeries? It was an uncomfortable thought. Could it be that hiding our core functionality behind a deep menu of small dropdowns, checkboxes, and mystery-meat navigation buttons was harming discoverability?

We eventually realized the obvious. Penbook had ‘hundreds of stationeries’ in the same way that a grocery store sells “hundreds of different meals”; we were putting it to you, beloved Penbooker, to combine these ingredients into something nice.

So over the past few months, we created 300 new stationeries for you. Each is hand-designed by us, right down to the line spacing and page color. These papers have elements and layouts that weren’t possible in previous versions, and they still include customization options. And they’re organized sensibly, so you can actually see all of them without flipping a bunch of twiddly switches.

We’ve also added two new features I think you’ll like:

  • Featured Books: enjoy five new featured books that give you the best parts of Penbook with just one tap.

  • Auto-dating: Pages can now be dated to the first time you write on them, instead of the day you created the page.

Whew! This release took forever, but now you can finally use it. Time for some self-care. I’m going to go read sockpuppet agitprop on social media for the rest of the day. I’ve earned it.

See ya later annotator,

Team Penbook