Penbook for iPad is live

It's happening.

Summer – the season of betas – is behind us, and as all dutiful parents must do, we’ve shoved Penbook out of the safe nest of TestFlight onto the rocky, harsh ground of the App Store. Here’s the official download link:

You can download the retail version now on any iPadOS device. Our beta program isn’t going anywhere, but you should install from the App Store if you want the most stable note-taking experience (no hard feelings!).

And if you want to help us spread the word, here’s a tweet for you to like/retweet/print out and mail to someone you love:

On a serious note: Thank you very much to you, our beta testers, who got us to v1.0. Your mountain of feedback helped us keep on course. Making apps for passionate users is the best-case scenario for any app developer. We hope you’ll consider staying in our beta program for a long time to come.