Penbook’s getting faster

Also, more stationery.

Let’s start with something for everyone: we’ve launched a major improvement to the Page Settings interface (the place where you pick and customize your stationery).

The new stationery picker appears and disappears faster, shows a huge preview of your content and customizations, and is way easier to use. You should see dramatically better performance with this update, especially if you’re using an older iPad.

New stationery: engineering paper

Did you think Penbook was done adding stationery?

We’ve added engineering paper, which looks simple at first, but has arbitrary requirements that make it complex – just like the homework you’ll be doing on it.

Why did we decide to help engineers? We wanted to do our small part to ease their burden. Consider these tragic facts:

  • Every minute, fourteen engineering students get ignored while bragging about how many credits they’re taking this semester.

  • By taking six years to finish their four-year program, the average engineer accumulates 50% more debt than other STEM graduates.

  • The median engineer uses the Left Hand Rule twice in their entire career, but pays more than $18,000 in interest on the student loan they had to take to repeat all of third year when they flunked Electromechanical Energy Conversion.

  • Because the warming climate is preventing the usual winter die-off of predatory recruiters, fully two-thirds of software engineering students are lured away from graduation and into open-concept adult daycares.

With Penbook’s engineering stationery, you can customize density, subdivisions, and the transparency of minor gridlines. Like all our stationeries, this one is free for everyone.

Just make sure you print your notes onto actual paper before you burn them at your end-of-semester bacchanal.

Best of luck explaining your marks to your parents over winter break!